Have you ever wondered about your future? Your past?

Have you ever felt your life was getting out of hand?

Or needed guidance in decision making?

Numerology can provide insightful answers, guiding you through life, crisis to happiness.

When the ancient greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagorus started looking into names and birthdates, he discovered a staggeringly strong relationship between the numbers and who you really are.

He and his followers gave the world many many insights into the world of mathematics, unlocking secrets used countless times over and over.

Remember the Rule of Pythagorus from your school trigonometry days? No matter if you don't, we are here to help.

His insight into charting your life will amaze you, his challenges and predictions astound you.

The Numerological Partnership are giving away free reports, relevant to you, emailed directly to your inbox. This report will reveal your personality, goals in life and how you can achieve them, your hidden passions and desires.

Here are some samples from Marilyn Monroe's Numerological Report.

Inspiring, bright and lively, you are a gift to any social gathering with your lively tongue and quick wit. You are charismatic, with a novel approach to life and would work well in sales. You burn with a nervous energy that seeks a direction in which to expend itself. You are optimistic, adventurous and need your freedom. Your lively and encouraging nature inspires those around. You have an athletic and strong physique, are attractive, balanced and graceful.

Develop diplomacy and tact, you must learn not to always to be in the forefront, to need praise. Allow others to recognise your worth from your deeds and actions.

You have a compulsion to indulge the senses to the degree that it is not good for you. Learn to moderate these indulgences. You have a marvelous wit, coupled with a ready tongue and great originality.

Her full report (at 11 pages) is available here

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